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40 KW Gas Generator AC Three phase

40 KW Gas Generator AC Three phase

40 kW 50 kVA natural gas generator set; generated by food waste, factory organic wastewater, animal manure and crops straw.

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Product Details

KDGH40-NG          50HZ40NG


Rated  PowerkVA50
Voltage type50Hz,380/220V, 3 phases and 4 wires

Performance Data

Engine Brand & ModelHGT4B
Alternator Brand & ModelLSA42.3M8/40KW
Control SystemDeepsea DSE6120
Standard Noise Level@7m (Soundproof Sets)75 dBA
Circuit Breaker Type3 Poles MCCB
Frequency & Phase50hz 3Phases + 4Wires
Engine Speed (RPM)1500
Fuel Consumption (Nm3/hr)-100% Load13.4

Dimensions and Weights

ContentOpen typeSoundproof Sets
Dimensions: (mm)L18502370
Weights (kg)10001350

Camda/Biogas desulfurization, decarburization and purification system:

Biogas is generated by anaerobic treatment of organic wastewater, sewage and sludge. Biogas always contains 50% to 85% CH4 with other gases of which most is CO2. The content of gas is complex and the main harmful gas is H2S.

Biogas desulfurization, decarburization and purification system treats the gas to achieve the international standard GB17820-2012 Natural gas by desulfurization, compression, decarburization purification process, according to the features of biogas.

Technology Features

  1. The degree of gas purification is high. For different gas contents, processes are designed differently, which ensure treated gas quality meets the national requirements.

  2. Efficiency of gas recycle is high. Either dry process or wet process of desulfurization, there is no gas consumption. The well-developed process PSA is used in the system, and the gas recycle rate is up to 95%.

  3. The system is equipped with advanced control system. Labor cost is reduced and improved by automatic control system.

  4. The system is equipped with advanced online monitoring system. The operation status is tested and recorded timely.

  5. The system is equipped with completed safety protection equipment and alarm equipment to ensure safety and reliability .

  6. The system fulfills system operation and corrosion resistant requirement, ensuring long-term stable operation.

  7. The system is low energy consumption with only little gas evacuation.

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