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500 KW Gas Generator

500 KW Gas Generator

Ratings *Ratings at 0.8 power factor Performance Data * The above fuel consumption is calculate with the natural gas whose heat value is 35.8MJ/Nm 3 Dimensions and Weights Engine Brand & Model: HGKT38 Engine Data How to examine the driving belt: Examine all the belts, if there is any broken,...

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Product Details
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Rated  Power





Voltage type

50Hz, 380/220V, 3 phases and 4 wires

*Ratings at 0.8 power factor

Performance Data

Engine Brand & Model


Alternator Brand & Model


Control System

Deepsea DSE6120

Standard Noise Level@7m (Soundproof Sets)

75 dBA

Circuit Breaker Type

3 Poles MCCB

Frequency & Phase

50hz 3Phases + 4Wires

Engine Speed (RPM)


Fuel Consumption (Nm3/hr) 100% Load


* The above fuel consumption is calculate with the natural gas whose heat value is 35.8MJ/Nm3

Dimensions and Weights


Open type

Soundproof Sets

Dimensions: (mm)










Weights (kg)



Engine Brand & Model: HGKT38

Engine Data

No. of Cylinders

12 V Type

Engine power(KW)



4 Stroke

Cylinder Type


Bore * Stroke (mm)

159 * 159

Compression Ratio



Turbocharged & Aftercooled

Displacement (L)


Cooling Method

Water cooled

Governing Type


Starting method

24V DC motor

Coolant capacity, including radiator (L)


Lubricant Oil

15W40-CF4 or above grade

Oil pan capacity (L)


How to examine the driving belt: 

Examine all the belts, if there is any broken, we should change it immediately. If there are two or more belts to connect two pulleys, all the belts should be changed together. 

Only when teh degree of belt tightness is good, the lifetime of the belt will be much longer. If there is not only one belt, the tighter belt of them ought to be checked or adjusted. 

How to change the fan belt: 

◇Take off the fan cover; 

◇Take off the six bolts which fasten the fan and punch, and then take off the whole parts.

Note: Please be careful when take off the fan, to make sure not damage radiator.

◇Undo the tension regulator of belt, take off the old belt, make sure there is no oil stain in pully groove and then install new belt.

◇Install the fan and bolts, adjust the tension degree of fan belt, and then install fan cover. 

Air intake system:

The function of gas engine air intake system is: after purification, the fresh air and certified gas fuel mix steadily and then enter into cylinder to meet the requirement of air and gas fuel for gas engine working.

Gas supply system includes air filter, mixer, pressure reducing valve and gas pressure stable equipment, etc. Please note that the direction of pressure reducing valve should not be mis-connected.

The adjusted valve is installed in the mixer exit. It is connected to speed regulating equipment to control air intake volume.

1. Pressure maintaining valve

Adopt the world famous JEASON diaphragm type, the structure of pressure maintaining valve is simple and it is easy to adjust, which ensure the reliable air intake pressure for genset.

2. Mixer

Mixer is a important part in the air intake system. It's main function is mix air and gas fuel steadily before entering into cylinder.

3. Air filter

The function of air filter is dedusting, reduce the wear and tear of cylinders and pistons, prolong the engine lifetime.

It's working principle is: air enter into inner chamber through filter air intake port.

Blade revolve when air flow.Then dust will be thrown into filter wall within the centrifugal force and sendimented in the air discharge exit. After that, air will enter into mix through the paper filter core hole.

4. Air intake pipe

Air intake pipe is the cast aluminimum members, 4/6 cylinders engine can be used together for each cylinder. Please note when you install air intake pipe, the mating face of air intake pipe and cylinder cover should be seal. It is not allowed to let any impuritied to enter into air intake pipe, otherwise it will enter into cylinders and cause engine damage.


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