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Common failures of Diesel generator set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1, battery power shortage-check the battery charge.

2, battery line and plug loose-check and fastening the battery line and plug.

3, intermediate relay failure-check intermediate relay action is normal.

4, starter failure-overhaul starter.

5, oil supply system is not smooth, do not supply oil-exhaust fuel system in the air, dredge the pipeline so that fuel flow overhaul oil pump, cleaning the first filter.

6, start the button, the start loop contact bad-Replace the button, check the starting circuit.

7, spray nozzle oil-free injection (oil is not smooth)-check from the fuel tank to the oil pump between the circuit has no leakage, blockage.

8, the fuel system into the air--open the exhaust screws to check the oil situation.

9, injection pump fuel injection time is not accurate or fuel injection pump failure--the time to adjust fuel injection pump.

10, speed regulator operation handle position is not-start, the governor handle placed no-load position. 11, electric adjustment Board, actuator, speed sensor, such as circuit failure-check the corresponding equipment and circuit respectively.