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Common Unit Selection
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The constant working time of the common generator set is long, the load curve changes greatly, the unit capacity, the number of units, the type choice and the control mode of the unit are different from the emergency unit.

(1) Capacity determination: according to the long-term continuous operation of the unit output power to meet the entire project maximum calculation load selection, and should be based on the importance of the load to determine the capacity of the standby unit. Diesel engine continuous output power, generally 0.9 times times the calibrated power

(2) Number of units to determine: The general setting is usually more than 2 units to ensure the continuity of power supply and adapt to the changes in load curve. The number of units can be based on the changes in electricity load to determine the number of units into the generator set, so that the diesel engine is often operating under economic load, to reduce fuel consumption and reduce the cost of electricity generation. The best economic operating state of a diesel engine is between 75%-90% of the calibrated power.

In order to ensure the continuity of power supply, the common unit itself should consider setting up standby units

(3) The speed of the determination: the general civil should choose the speed of 1000~1500 turn/minute high speed unit, while the speed of 300~350 RPM unit for the use of marine mainframe

(4) The determination of the voltage: the generator output voltage is the same as the emergency generator set, generally 400V, individual power consumption, transmission distance far from the project can choose High-voltage Generator sets.