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Diesel Generator Set Model meaning
- Aug 27, 2018 -

In order to facilitate the production management and use, the national standard GB2819 to the diesel Generator set model method made a uniform provision.

The unit's model arrangement and symbolic meanings are as follows:

1, the unit output of the rated power (KW) with a digital representation.

2, the type of output current of the unit: G-AC work frequency; P an alternating medium frequency; S one AC dual frequency; Z One DC

3, the type of unit: F-Land use; FC for a ship; Q-Car power station;

T one hang (tow) the car.

4, the control characteristics of the unit: the Vacancy is manual (ordinary type); Z-Automation; S-Low noise; sz-Low noise automation.

5, the design serial number, uses the numeral to express.

6, variant Code, with a digital representation. Environmental characteristics: Absence for the general type;

Th is a wet tropical type. Note: Some diesel Generator series models and the meaning of the above model, especially imported or joint-venture production of diesel generator sets are determined by the unit production plant.

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