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Diesel Generator Set Replacement oil
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, the new unit after the first 50 hours of work and after the repair or repair 50 hours. The replacement cycle of oil is generally with the oil filter (filter) at the same time, the general oil replacement period of 250 hours or one months. Use of 2 types of oil, oil can be extended to work 400 hours after the replacement, but the oil filter (filter) must be replaced.

If you want to determine the exact timing of the diesel generator replacement, you need to understand some of the methods of determination:

1, with two diameter 0.5 cm, 20 cm long glass test tube, loaded into 19 centimeters of new oil and used oil, seal the two tubes at the same time inverted, recording bubble rise time, if the difference of more than 20%, then the use of oil viscosity dropped too much, should be replaced.

2, the new oil and used oil drop a drop in the white filter paper, such as the use of oil droplets have more black spots, indicating that the oil has not deteriorated, should not be replaced, such as oil is black brown, it is metamorphic, should be replaced. There is also a point to note that different manufacturers and different power diesel generators are not the same oil, so you buy a diesel generator must ask the manufacturer what kind of oil is used by the unit.