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How to check and accept diesel generating set after completion
- Aug 27, 2018 -

First, in the case of unit downtime, check the appearance of the unit, the instruments and meters, cable joints are intact, if found to have problems, you need to do the appropriate processing to accept;

Second, after the boot before the inspection, (including cooling water, fuel oil, waterway pipeline joints leakage, etc.) manual commissioning of the generator set, check the parameters of the unit is normal, and then downtime, and then do automatic debugging, check the parameters of the unit is normal;

Third, with load test, no-load test after the completion of the unit to do manual and automatic belt load test, please note that the operating procedures of the generator set, carefully check the output parameters of the generator set is normal, the sound is abnormal and so on.

Four, start the power supply part of the load, carefully check whether the load is running normally. Check whether the protection performance of the generator set is intact, safe and reliable.