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How to judge whether a diesel generating set is a refurbished machine
- Aug 27, 2018 -

How can I tell if a diesel generator set is a refurbished machine?

This is a more general problem, the generator set price, there is a high and low, power, the higher the price of the generator set, the opposite power less price. The same power under the existence of different brands, generator set prices are different from the same power brand, the demand is different, the price of the generator set also has a certain fluctuation, so that the price of the generator set is really difficult to say, unless the need to provide the power and use,

After the diesel generator set up the need to specific price and impact on the generator prices are mainly the following aspects

1. Brand Effect: In many industries exist this problem, this is a factor can not be ignored, but also the publicity and user experience of the enterprise decision.

2. Power, high power than the low power price is sure, the effect is not the same, but need to pay attention to the power of the standby power.

3. Generator Brand: The choice of different generators, the entire diesel generator performance will not be different, performance is very important, so users must be cautious in the purchase unit.