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Installation requirements for Diesel generator set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1, diesel generator set around should stay not less than 1 meters space, water tank end according to the size of the tank core indwelling ventilation window. This requirement is the minimum size of the machine room, the user can increase according to the need.

2, Diesel Generator Set Foundation should be built on hard land surface, tamping, do 200mm thick concrete ground, the ground should be flat.

3, the user in the construction of the computer room, should be in the top of the roof embedded lifting steel beam (≤250kw below can not), for future maintenance.

4, the room should be well ventilated, the ground should be flat, non-slip.

5, the unit exhaust pipe diameter should not be smaller than the exhaust diameter of the diesel engine, bending pipe should not exceed 3, bending angle should be greater than 90 degrees, the exhaust pipe should be supported or hoisting bracket, to ensure that the unit muffler, supercharger and other forces. 6, the room should be equipped with fire extinguishers and other tools.