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Performance grade of Diesel generator set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

National Standard gb/t2820.

1-1997 "reciprocating internal combustion engine-driven alternator unit" Part I: the use, quota and performance of the 7th section of the diesel generator set a four-level performance.

(1) G1-level performance requirements apply to connection loads that require only the basic parameters of their voltage and frequency. Mainly as a general purpose, such as lighting and other simple electrical loads.

(2) G2-level performance requirements for the same voltage characteristics and public power systems have the same requirements of the load. When its load changes, there may be temporary voltage and frequency deviations that are permissible. Such as lighting systems, pumps and fans.

(3) G3 level performance requirements are applicable to the frequency, voltage and waveform characteristics have strict requirements of the connection equipment. such as radio communications and thyristor rectifier control of the load.

(4) G4-level performance requirements for the frequency, voltage and waveform characteristics have special requirements of the load. such as data processing equipment or the system of a grate machine.