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Cause Of Deformation Of 500kw Diesel Generator
- Aug 27, 2018 -

500kw Diesel Generator Why is there a crack, how to check? What caused the diesel generator to deform? The following diesel Generator manufacturers Small series will answer for you.

The causes of the deformation of diesel generators: First, there are defects in casting; the second is when welding cracks, the body is deformed by high temperature; third, the maintenance personnel in the demolition or assembly of the cylinder head when the removal or assembly is not according to technical requirements to disassemble or assemble, resulting in the deformation of the screw hole; four is the body in the casting when the thickness uneven or casting residual stress is too large, will also produce deformation Because the crack can cause the diesel generator to leak, the oil bottom shell internal lubricating oil influent or the oil spill, causes the diesel engine not to work normally.

If the body is deformed, it will destroy the relative position of the machine parts surface, destroy the concentricity of the main bearing seat hole, the parallelism of the main bearing seat hole and the center line of the camshaft bearing seat hole, the verticality of the center line of the cylinder and the center of the main bearing seat hole. The cracks produced by diesel generators are usually caused by improper operation and maintenance. In cold areas, for example, in the preservation of diesel engine coolant forget to let go, scale accumulation caused by excessive local heat dissipation, the diesel engine in the high load operation time is too long, causing the internal thermal stress is too large, operators in the high temperature state of the diesel engine suddenly into the water tank to add cold water, the body by a larger external impact.