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Characteristics Of Diesel Generator Set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1, diesel engine Diesel Generator set 135 series of integral crankshaft, gantry type body, flat-cut connecting rod, short piston, compact and reasonable, compatible with the old 135 diesel engine interchangeable;

2, on the diesel Dongfeng Generator set 135 series of engines using a new type of necking combustion chamber, improve fuel injection pressure, improve combustion process, to achieve environmental indicators: exhaust pollutant emission values in line with jb8891-1999 requirements, noise in line with the requirements of gb14097-1999 and margin;

3, diesel engine Diesel Generator 135 series lubrication, cooling system optimization design, reduce the number of external take over the road and spare parts, with the overall brushless alternator, such as the three leakage greatly improved, reliability greatly enhanced.

4, on the Diesel Dongfeng Generator 135 series Diesel engine using J98, j114b type exhaust gas turbocharger matching, with a strong plateau working ability, in the elevation of 5000m plateau area, power down less than 3%;

5, diesel engine Diesel Generator set 135 series of high vacuum exhaust ejector device, three-class swirl-type German paper filter air filter, low-temperature infiltration of the ceramic piston ring and other measures, the engine in the desert or high dust areas to use, will not produce early wear.

6, on the diesel Dongfeng Diesel Generator 138 series engine is 135 series of improved, basic accessories in 135 general, by the National large enterprises Wuxi power plant production, range.