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How Do You Figure Out How Many High-power Generators You Need To Buy?
- Aug 27, 2018 -

When you buy a generator set, you should understand the most: you need to purchase the power of the generator should be how large? This question requires you to let the professional electrician calculate how much kw you are using? When you buy generators to generate electricity for your equipment, how much power do you have? If you have many units on your device, then you have to figure out how much power you have for your big equipment. How many units are there in each of KW?

What is the total power of the equipment added kw?

For example: If you are a chicken factory used to drive the fan, then your fan power is 3.5kw a total of 10 fans, you have 4 7kw of water pump pumping, there is a 1.5kw of air-conditioning, then you need at least more high-power generator sets?

(1) 3.5*10=35kw, 7*4=28kw (1.5kw negligible)

(2) 35+28=63kw So you need at least 60kw generating units of 100% to bring all your equipment.