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Mr. Xie Lemin, Chairman Of The Cryogenic Group, Visited Camda For An Exchange
- Nov 07, 2018 -


On the morning of April 11, 2018, Mr. Xie Lemin, Chairman and General Manager of Chengdu Chilling Liquefaction Equipment Co., Ltd. (stock short name “Cold Cool Share”, stock code 300540) visited Camda to guide the exchange work, focusing on CBM liquefaction and How to combine power generation has been discussed in depth. Mr. Shen Jianshan, Chairman and General Manager of our company, Mr. Zhou Fuyun, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Liao, Manager of Gas Department, and Mr. Dai Yumin, Secretary of the Board of Directors, warmly welcomed the guests.

Mr. Shen introduced the company to Mr. Xie and his delegation, focusing on the company's Shanxi coalbed methane power project. On the basis of sales equipment, the company has strategically adjusted its direction around the business and accelerated the layout of investment and operation services in gas power plants. By the end of 2017, the company has achieved little success in business transformation. It has obtained the right to use coalbed methane resources in Luliang and Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, and signed cooperation agreements with Jinjiazhuang Coal and Yangquan Coal respectively. Two coalbed methane power stations. The total installed capacity of the two power stations is expected to be 70MW, and the first phase of 40MW (including 30MW of Jinjiazhuang Power Station and 10MW of Xindadi Power Station) is planned to be put into operation in April 2019, and the power sales revenue of CBM power stations will reach 120 million in 2019. yuan.

Mr. Xie also said that the company can start cooperation with Camda from the coalbed methane business of Shanxi subsidiary. In the future, it can also replicate this model and expand its cooperation scope and integrate its industrial chain.

Mr. Xie and others have left a deep impression on the company's good working environment, orderly production process, harmonious working atmosphere and hard-working employees. We hope to achieve complementary win-win and common development in the future cooperation projects!