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Preventing The Failure Of The Diesel Generator Set From Pulling Cylinder
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1, reasonable operation using the engine, do not overload the operation, do not blow the accelerator, do not start water shortage.

2, strengthen the air filter maintenance, to prevent dust inhalation in the cylinder.

3, maintain a good lubrication system to prevent mechanical impurities and carbon accumulation in the oil and aggravate the wear of cylinder liner.

4, on the new machine and after the overhaul of diesel generators, must first undergo running-in, that is, in the condition of maintaining good lubrication, in accordance with the speed from low to high, load from small to large principle, seriously according to running-in procedures, and then to put into the formal load operation.

5, in accordance with the provisions of the instructions, the correct selection of the piston skirt and cylinder liner between the gap between the opening clearance and the gap between the piston ring. In addition, in the repair also need to live piston cylinder this off, at the same time to ensure that the size of the cylinder liner precision. Keep the cooling water normal temperature 70℃~95℃ to avoid overheating the engine. Preheating measures should be taken before winter starts.