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Reliability Check Of Automatic Function Of Diesel Generator Set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

When the diesel generator set is inspected, it contains a very important content, that is, the reliability check of the diesel generating set automatic function. If there is a problem with the automatic function of the unit, you may not be able to stop automatically when you need an emergency shutdown, causing some more serious failures.

Today, the diesel generator sets to introduce the reliability of the automatic function of diesel generator sets are included.

1, received the automatic control or the remote control start instruction, the diesel generator set should be able to start automatically.

2, the diesel Generator set automatically start after the 3rd failure, should issue a start failure signal, with a standby unit, the program startup system should be able to automatically pass the start instructions to another standby unit.

3. The time from the automatic start instruction to the load power should not exceed 3min.

4, the diesel Generator set automatically start successfully, the first load should not be less than 50% calibration load.

5, after the automatic control or remote control of the shutdown instructions, the Unit should be able to automatically stop; for the standby unit with the mains power grid, when the power grid is restored to normal, the diesel generator set should be able to automatically switch or stop automatically, and its shutdown mode of downtime should meet the technical requirements of products

6, automatic start success rate. The automatic start rate is not less than 99%.

7. No-load voltage setting range requirements. The unit's no-load voltage setting range is not less than 95%-105% calibrated voltage.

8, automatic replenishment function requirements. The diesel generating set should be able to charge automatically to the start-up battery.

9, automatic protection function requirements. Diesel generator sets should be short of phase, short circuit (not greater than 250KW), over current (not greater than 250KW), over speed, water temperature cylinder temperature high, oil down protection.