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The Cause Of Failure Of 200kw Diesel Generator Accessory Supercharger
- Aug 27, 2018 -

1 not installed correctly

In accordance with the requirements, the generator supercharger parts should be installed first to fill the floating bearing oil, to avoid the start-up of the engine oil can not be timely supply of floating bearings, resulting in dry grinding and damage to floating bearings.

2 Incorrect Startup

The booster generator must run at idle speed for several minutes to ensure the oil reaches the floating bearing after the generator supercharger parts can be run at high speed.

3 oil selection is not correct

Equipped with the generator turbocharger parts of the generator its thermal load and mechanical load increased greatly, requires good lubricating oil viscosity temperature characteristics, anti-oxidation and wear resistance, must choose good quality oil.

4 Downtime is not correct Downtime should be idle before running for several minutes, so that the generator turbocharger parts rotor gradually slow down, cooling. When the generator suddenly stopped, the oil supply to stop, and the rotor under the inertia of high-speed rotation, this will cause floating bearings because of high temperature and lack of oil and wear, and even ablation.