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The Problem Of Non-circulation Of Cooling Liquid Of Diesel Generator Set
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The reasons leading to the failure of cooling liquid of diesel generator set are as follows: 

1, Cummins Diesel Generator set pump failure.

Check whether the pump function is good, if you find that the pump transmission gear shaft wear limit is not a function of the pump, need to be replaced before the cycle normal.

2, Cummins Diesel Generator set coolant liquid level is too low or not meet the requirements.

Low liquid level can directly cause coolant temperature rise so that the coolant does not cycle, cooling liquid according to the regulation is 50% antifreeze +50% softened water +dca4, if not comply with the provisions will result in pipe blockage, pipe wall produces rust, so that the coolant can not be normal cycle.

3, Cummins Diesel Generator set temperature device failure.

The engine combustion chamber is equipped with a thermostat to control the combustion chamber temperature, the thermostat must be fully open in the specified temperature to help the small cycle, if there is no thermostat, coolant can not maintain the circulation temperature, may produce low-temperature alarm.

4, Cummins Diesel Generator cooling system mixed with air, resulting in the pipeline is not smooth, expansion tank suction valve, exhaust valve damage also directly affect the cycle, at this time should often check their pressure values are in line with the provisions of the suction pressure is 10kpa, exhaust pressure is 40kpa, It is also an important reason for the circulation to be unblocked except for the second outer exhaust pipe.

5, Cummins Diesel Generator set Radiator heatsink plug or damage. Cooling fan does not work or heat sink plug, so that the coolant temperature drop, heat sink rust, resulting in leakage phenomenon, can also cause bad circulation.