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Working Principle Of Diesel Engine
- Aug 27, 2018 -

The diesel engine drives the generator to run and converts the diesel energy into electrical energy. In the cylinder of the diesel engine, the clean air filtered by the air filter and the high-pressure atomizing diesel oil injected by the injector nozzle are fully mixed, and the volume of the piston is reduced and the temperature rises rapidly to reach the ignition point of the diesel oil. The diesel is ignited, the mixture gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, pushes the piston downward, is called ' the work '.

Each cylinder in a certain order of work, the role of the thrust on the piston through the connecting rod into the power to promote the crankshaft rotation, thus driving the crankshaft rotation.

The brushless synchronous alternator is installed with the crankshaft of the diesel engine, and the rotor of the generator can be driven by the rotation of the diesel engine, and the generator will output the induction electromotive force by the principle of ' electromagnetic induction ', and the current can be generated by the closed load loop. This only describes the basic working principle of the generator set. To obtain a reliable and stable power output, a series of diesel and generator control, protection devices and circuits are also required.